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Healthcare Marketing Services Deliverables

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

By implementing SEO best practices, healthcare organizations can attract more organic traffic, increase brand visibility, and reach potential patients who are actively searching for relevant healthcare information or services.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

In healthcare marketing, PPC campaigns can be used to promote specific services, attract patients searching for medical information or treatment options, and drive website traffic. PPC allows for precise targeting, measurable results, and the ability to adjust campaigns in real time based on performance.

Brand awareness

By building strong brand awareness, healthcare organizations can establish trust, credibility, and loyalty among patients and differentiate themselves from competitors in the market.

Email marketing

In healthcare marketing, email campaigns can include newsletters, appointment reminders, health tips, educational resources, and promotions. Email marketing allows healthcare organizations to stay connected with patients, encourage repeat visits, and generate leads for new services or treatments.

Social media marketing

Healthcare organizations use social media to share educational content, patient testimonials, health tips, community events, and news updates. Social media marketing helps healthcare organizations build relationships, increase brand visibility, and reach new audiences through targeted advertising and organic engagement.

Analytics and reporting

Analytics and reporting help healthcare organizations assess the impact of their marketing strategies, optimize campaigns, and allocate resources more effectively to achieve their goals.

Content marketing

Content marketing aims to position the healthcare organization as a trusted authority, educate patients, address common health concerns, and drive patient engagement and loyalty over time.

How Much Do Healthcare Marketing Services Cost?

Your digital marketing needs will vary depending on your goals and the size of your healthcare organization. Here are a few general pricing guidelines:


For local businesses looking to dominate their niche


Full-service healthcare marketing management


Larger organizations that need more resources

These are things we like to consider when determining costs:

  • Business goals
  • Desired time to goal
  • Competition
  • Account size
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Zero setup fees

Other healthcare marketing service providers charge account setup fees – HawkSEM doesn’t.

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Zero contracts

Our aim is to earn your trust by building a strong relationship, not making you sign a long contract.

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A detailed plan before we work together

Our experts will be happy to do a free audit of your existing digital footprint and provide a detailed plan of what to expect before we start working together.

Timeline: How Long it Takes to See Results

You’ll typically see initial results from your PPC marketing efforts in 2-3 months, while other marketing strategies (such as SEO) can take 12 months or longer. We like to employ a structured and measured action plan designed to get you to SERP domination:

Core Phase (0-3 Months)

To begin, our team will research, create benchmarks, and identify quick wins to help build your foundation.

Amplification Phase (4-8 Months)

Phase two is to create predictability. This involves optimizing and determining how to defend (and boost) your position in the marketplace.

Domination Phase (9-12 Months)

In phase three we focus on expansion, market leadership, and scaling through increased impression share and other tactics. (In our opinion, this phase is the most fun.)

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The HawkSEM Difference

We’re a team of seasoned digital marketers who are industry experts, ensuring you receive top-tier service every step of the way. Here’s a peek at what else sets us apart:

Our Game-Changing Tech: ConversionIQ

Our proprietary marketing technology sets us apart from the rest. With ConversionIQ, we’re equipped to create robust reporting dashboards, continuously optimize PPC campaigns, target the right audience effectively, and provide actionable insights to drive your business forward.

Premier Partnerships

We proudly hold esteemed partnerships with Google, Microsoft Advertising, and Meta Business, showcasing our excellence in annual ad spend, product diversification, and client growth. With us, you’re partnering with a team recognized for its expertise and commitment to excellence.

Expert Team Members

Our digital marketing agency is made up of senior-level talent with decades of combined experience across various industries, methodologies, and platforms. Rest assured, you’re working with the best in the field who are dedicated to delivering exceptional results for your healthcare organization.

Contracts? Not here.

Say goodbye to contracts and hello to hassle-free flat fees and month-to-month services. If you’re ever unsatisfied with your campaign performance, you’re free to discontinue our services without any obligation.

Our ultimate goal is to significantly elevate your digital marketing results. Whether you’re interested in SEO, PPC, or any of our other services, our data-driven approach and top-notch professionals are committed to delivering exceptional outcomes for your healthcare organization.

Are you ready to take your healthcare marketing to the next level? Let’s connect.

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The ConversionIQ System: Our smart way of marketing to drive more revenue.

ConversionIQ is our proprietary methodology built to drive actionable insights, full-funnel attribution and high-quality conversions that continuously improve your bottom line.

More on ConversionIQ

ConversionIQ is our smart way of driving more revenue for your business.

Our proprietary tech is built to drive actionable insights, high-quality conversions and full-funnel attribution that continuously improve your bottom line.

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When Should You Hire Healthcare Marketing Services?

Knowing when to hire an advertising agency can be pivotal in maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Here are some indicators that it might be time to consider partnering with a healthcare marketing agency:

Limited internal resources (or a need for strategic guidance)

If your healthcare organization lacks the internal expertise, manpower, or time to effectively strategize and execute marketing campaigns, it may be beneficial to engage an agency with specialized knowledge and resources (like HawkSEM).

Perhaps you have a basic healthcare marketing strategy in place but are unsure how to refine it for optimal results. A healthcare marketing agency can offer strategic guidance, conduct market research, and develop comprehensive marketing plans tailored to your organization’s goals and target audience.

Adaptation to digital trends

With the increasing importance of digital marketing in the healthcare industry, including online patient reviews, referrals, telemedicine, and social media engagement, it’s crucial to stay abreast of evolving trends.
A healthcare marketing team can help you navigate the digital landscape and leverage emerging technologies to reach and engage patients effectively (and improve overall patient experience).

Expansion or rebranding

If your healthcare organization is undergoing rebranding, expanding medical practices, or launching new services, partnering with a medical marketing agency can ensure that your messaging is consistent, compelling, and targeted to attract the right audience.

What are Healthcare Marketing Services?

You’re probably familiar with digital marketing in general (think sponsored ads in search results or display ads). Healthcare marketing services are tailored to the unique needs and challenges of the healthcare industry, such as:

Patient engagement

Implementing strategies and tools to actively engage with patients, such as online appointment scheduling, patient portals, newsletters, surveys, and interactive content, to improve patient satisfaction and retention.

Reputation management

Monitoring and managing online reviews, ratings, and feedback on platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, Healthgrades, and social media to maintain a positive reputation and address any negative feedback or concerns promptly.

Community outreach

Engaging with local communities through events, sponsorships, health fairs, seminars, workshops, and partnerships with other organizations to increase brand visibility, foster relationships, and educate the public about healthcare services and resources.

Overall, healthcare marketing services aim to raise awareness, attract patients, foster trust, and ultimately drive business growth for healthcare organizations while adhering to industry regulations and ethical standards.

Helpful Resources

We take pride in offering a library of content that educates and informs. Here’s a quick sampling of some of our healthcare marketing content:


What are healthcare marketing services?

Healthcare marketing services refer to the healthcare advertising methods used to connect your organization with new patients. This can include organic initiatives such as content marketing, technical SEO, website design, and paid ad campaigns.

What are healthcare marketing services deliverables?

Deliverables typically include creating or optimizing a digital marketing strategy (encompassing SEO and PPC), building campaigns, implementing proper tracking, and analyzing results to optimize as needed.

How much do healthcare marketing services cost?

Services can start at $1,500 per month but typically cost $2,500-$10,000+ each month, depending on the experience of the healthcare marketing services company, desired timeline, scope, and marketing goals.

Why Partner with HawkSEM for Healthcare Marketing Services

For healthcare organizations, we know that patient engagement, high-quality content, and reputation management are paramount. This is a huge undertaking, and you may not have time for the trial and error that comes with going it alone on your marketing plan.

You need a team of seasoned digital marketers who already have the knowledge and expertise to help you succeed online. Working with a full-service healthcare marketing company can help you scale, give you an edge over competitors, and ensure you’re utilizing all the marketing channels you can.

The good news? You don’t have to look any further. HawkSEM has healthcare marketing experts at the ready as well as senior-level pros who know the ropes of all the digital marketing channels out there. You get the benefit of as many services as you want to leverage for maximum success.

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The Bottom Line

Nowadays, your online reputation is a big deal. And for healthcare professionals, your online presence can directly tie into the success of your business.

The HawkSEM team gets it – as an award-winning digital marketing company, we’re composed of data-driven marketing scientists with years of experience getting significant results for companies of all shapes and sizes.

We’re a proud partner with Microsoft Advertising and Meta, and Google Premier Partners has named us a top 3% agency in the country.

Our experts can work with you to build, optimize, and scale customized healthcare marketing solutions that’ll help you better connect with patients – and scale with success.

Sound like a good plan? Let’s get started.

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