Your Website Alone Is Not Enough

Expertly written, goal-specific landing pages are crucial for guiding prospective customers through the sales funnel and capturing the conversion.

For business owners and marketers who lack the time and resources to craft high-quality landing page content, working with an experienced landing page agency is a strategic, cost-effective way to drive more conversions and consistently hit your digital marketing goals.

Unlike your website homepage and product or service pages, which provide general information about your business and what you offer, a landing page is a standalone web page designed for a specific audience or marketing campaign for the singular purpose of capturing a lead or sale. Typically, customers will “land” on the page after clicking an ad or an email.

Landing pages are powerful marketing tools designed to encourage users to take immediate action. That action may be sales oriented, such as purchasing a product or service, or geared toward lead generation, such as filling out a form or signing up for an email list.

What Is a Landing Page Agency?

A landing page agency is any digital marketing agency that offers landing page creation as one of its services. However, the level of experience and the scope of services provided from one agency to another may vary significantly.

HawkSEM is among the top 3% of agencies in the country, according to the Google Premier Partner network. We are also an official Microsoft Advertising Partner and Meta Business Partner.

With over a decade of experience working with clients of every size and in myriad industries, we have developed a proven strategy for creating visually attractive and engaging landing pages that drastically lower bounce rate and increase conversions to give your bottom line a major boost.

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Landing Page Agency Services

Designing and building the perfect landing page for your product or service involves more than simply putting words and images on a page. It is a complex and intuitive process that begins with a deep understanding of your target audience and what motivates them to buy, as well as a keen grasp of your marketing goals and what you want each page to accomplish.

If you plan to partner with a digital marketing agency for landing page design and development, the following is a list of the primary deliverables to look for.

HawkSEM checks each of these boxes, plus we offer a full scope of online marketing tools to help you outperform competitors in a digitally dominated business world.

  • Goal Setting and Strategy

    Landing pages are an integral part of your overall sales and marketing strategy. The right landing page agency will take the time to first research and understand your audience, your business goals, and the nuances of your existing ad campaigns.

    The next step is brainstorming ideas to ensure each page speaks to your target audience and their unique needs and pain points — with thoughtfully crafted messaging that drives them toward conversion.

  • Layout and Design Planning

    Creating a landing page wireframe to visualize the placement of each element is a critical step in the design process. This is essentially a very basic blueprint that allows you to visualize the layout of the page, the flow of the copy, the arrangement of the images and video elements, and the placement of each call to action (CTA) button.

    It is important to think about the functionality of each landing page and how it relates to the user experience.

  • Writing Persuasive Copy

    The average website attention span is getting shorter and shorter, which means you have mere seconds to convince visitors to stay on your page — and that means your copy has to be spot-on.

    A landing page expert understands how to craft compelling, benefits-focused headlines and concise but engaging copy that addresses key pain points and provides a clear solution. Thoughtfully crafted landing page copy has a positive impact on conversion rate optimization (CRO) and helps to keep bounce rates low.

  • Images and Video Creation

    Did you know that users tend to remember 95% of the marketing message from a video, compared with only 10% if they read a text-only ad? Attractive images and engaging video content are both essential components of high-converting landing pages.

    Partnering with an experienced landing page agency ensures you have access to the best-quality images as well as access to the latest tools and platforms for visual content creation.

  • Publishing Your Pages

    Landing pages exist separately from your ecommerce website and their primary purpose is to capture leads and conversions. Putting all of the components together and launching a finished page can be done through Wordpress, Facebook, or with the help of a landing page builder platform, so a keen understanding of each option and its benefits is necessary.

    For example, many landing page builders allow for integrations with your existing marketing tools, including SEO, pay-per-click (PPC), social media, and email marketing tools.

  • Split Testing and Optimization

    It’s not enough to create visually appealing landing pages; smart marketers understand the need for a/b testing each component — from headlines and CTA buttons to the addition of social proof badges.

    Tracking key metrics such as bounce rate, conversion rate, page views, and cost per conversion can help to better understand what’s working and what isn’t. Keeping track of critical data allows you to fully optimize your landing pages and ensure the best performance.

Landing page creation played a pivotal role in helping B2B SaaS platform Zephyr increase its market share and user base.

The HawkSEM creative team helped Zephyr redesign its existing landing page and created a new streamlined lead form. Before we could even implement A/B testing, the new landing page produced immediate results — with a 78% conversion rate increase and a 36% bounce rate decrease.

What Are the Benefits of Landing Page Agencies?

Because the majority of B2B and B2C marketing now happens online, with 72% of all marketing budgets allocated to digital marketing channels, landing pages are an essential element of online marketing campaigns.

And, perhaps not surprisingly, research shows that companies with more landing pages see a significant increase in leads. Why? Because more landing pages means more inbound marketing opportunities, better audience segmentation, and more opportunities for conversion.

When compared with the high overhead of hiring, training, and supporting an in-house team, a landing page agency is a cost-effective solution to your marketing needs. With the right partner, you can look forward to the following benefits.

Knowledge and Experience

Landing pages are too important to your business to be left up to chance. Not only will an experienced full-service agency understand the key elements of a high-converting page, but they will also have the creative and technical staff to complete every step of the landing page creation process, from copywriting to web design. Their leadership will show in their case studies, their client testimonials, and their resource library.

Hit Your Marketing Goals

Every business is looking to increase its conversion rate, and landing pages are a highly effective tool to bring in immediate leads and sales. However, because of the complexity of the components involved, landing page creation can significantly eat into your time and resource budget. Working with an agency enables you to consistently hit your marketing and sales goals in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Stay Competitive

Like you, your competitors are using every tool at their disposal to create successful marketing campaigns and reach their target audiences. High-quality landing pages can set you — and your products and services — apart, regardless of your industry. In addition to increasing conversions, landing pages complement your paid search campaigns, boost brand awareness and credibility, and broaden your reach by growing your email list.

Need a little more convincing that landing pages are best left to the pros? Check out these eye-opening landing page stats.

HawkSEM Delivers Landing Pages That Convert

Customers today are inundated with ads, emails, and videos encouraging them to click, buy, and download. HawkSEM can help you meet your marketing goals with the best landing page content for your business.

Our highly skilled team knows exactly what it takes to design, build, and optimize a high-converting landing page, and we deliver measurable results that set your business apart.

Below is a short list of our top landing page deliverables.

  • Campaign goals audit
  • Research and audience targeting
  • Landing page templates
  • Layout and wireframing
  • Copywriting and design
  • High-quality images
  • Video content creation
  • Content marketing
  • Drive traffic (email marketing, SEO, PPC, social media integrations)
  • Heat mapping and scroll tracking
  • A/B testing and conversion optimization

From SaaS solutions to apparel, HawkSEM creates high-quality landing pages that capture interest and consistently boost conversions.

HawkSEM has been hand-selected as a Google Premier Partner and Microsoft Advertising Partner

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ConversionIQ: Our Proprietary
Marketing Technology

You may have the most visually appealing landing page out there — but if your content is not persuading visitors to opt in and convert, you’re going to fall short of your marketing goals.

ConversionIQ is our proprietary marketing technology built to provide a comprehensive picture of your entire marketing strategy in one easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Using Conversion IQ, you can link each of your landing pages to your PPC ad campaigns, your SEO strategy, your email marketing efforts, and more for unparalleled cross-channel insight. Details about every click, every lead, and every conversion can be found right at your fingertips to help you optimize toward revenue every step of the way.

Industry-Leading Partnerships

High-quality landing pages are integral to the success of your overall marketing strategy, including your paid traffic campaigns. HawkSEM is proud to be a Google Premier Partner, meaning we are consistently in the top 3% of agencies based on factors such as client growth and retention, product diversification, and annual ad spend. HawkSEM is also a Meta Business Partner and a Microsoft Advertising Partner.

Transparent Pricing without Contracts

With HawkSEM, you never have to worry about signing a long-term contract. Services are provided on a month-to-month basis, and there is never any obligation to continue if you are unhappy with your campaign performance (though we suspect you’ll be very happy). We also believe in transparent pricing with no-hassle flat fees so you know exactly what you’re getting.


When it comes to looking for the right Landing Page Agency, there are several pricing structures you’ll probably see along the way.

Most often, you’ll notice three models:

  • Percentage of Ad Spend

    A commission basis where agencies get a percentage of your monthly ad budget, ranging anywhere from 10-30%.

  • Flat Fee

    A monthly fee with no surprises or added expenses, although there is often an initial setup fee.

  • Performance-Based Fees

    A model where you only pay for the leads brought in (but be careful that the agency doesn’t focus on quantity over quality)

No matter which pricing model you prefer, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re paying for with those fees — and if you’ll need to pay for or hire additional resources or tools down the line.

The Bottom Line

Designing, building, and optimizing high-quality landing pages is a complex endeavor involving a wide range of skills and expertise. HawkSEM is the full-service creative agency you can count on to get the job done.

Our ever-growing team is made up of high-level experts in every field of digital marketing to meet your landing page design needs, and our clients average a 4.5X ROI.

When you’re ready to take your marketing campaigns to the next level with visually stunning landing pages that boost your conversion rate, the team at HawkSEM is here to make it happen.

FAQs About Landing Page Services

  • What Is a Landing Page Agency?

    A landing page agency is any digital marketing agency that offers landing page creation in its list of services. Because the process of designing, building, publishing, testing, and continually optimizing landing pages involves multiple steps and a range of skills, partnering with an agency is typically the most cost-effective and efficient way to get your landing pages up and running.

  • How Much Do Landing Page Services Cost?

    Landing page services may vary greatly in cost. For example, if you work with a freelance designer, a static page may cost anywhere from $750 to $1,000, while a dynamic (interactive) landing page may cost up to $5,000. However, because businesses with multiple landing pages see a significant increase in leads and conversions, more is always better — but that can get pricey when you pay on a page-by-page basis. Hiring a full-service landing page agency can help you get the content you need while keeping costs low.

  • How Long Does It Take To See Results?

    A high-quality landing page will generate results almost immediately, and a good agency will continually monitor key metrics to determine if certain elements need to be optimized in order to perform better.

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