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As a top 3% B2B PPC agency that drives high ROI for our clients, we know a solid agency when we see one. We created this guide to help you find the cream of the crop, vetted and reviewed by our editors.

Here, you’ll find:

  • The top B2B PPC agencies you need to know
  • What to look for in a B2B paid search agency
  • The pros and cons of working with each agency
  • How to get started working with a B2B PPC agency

Want passive lead generation? Build a first-class content marketing strategy.

Want leads today? Build a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. 

It’s the way of business in this day and age, especially for B2B companies that rely on digital advertising to build visibility. It’s also the fastest way to get in front of your target audience. 

The only problem is: It’s easy to get too busy running your B2B business (or managing a seemingly endless list of other marketing tasks) to give your PPC campaigns the love and attention they need to grow. 

If that sounds like you, then it may be time to partner with a B2B PPC agency.

But one question remains: How do you find the agency that’s right for you?

That’s what we’ll help you with today. Let’s jump right to your best picks. 

Top B2B PPC Agencies:

  1.  HawkSEM

    hawksem b2b homepage
    Nice to meet you, we’re HawkSEM. We didn’t put ourselves at the top of this list because we’re big-headed, but because we know that what we bring to the table is valuable to our B2B PPC clients. 

    Based on our success rate (our clients see an average of 4.5x ROI), we have a proven track record of bringing serious results for clients in the B2B space and beyond. 

    Our campaigns generated exceptional results for big names like Honda, AppDynamics, Datadog, and Verizon Digital Media. How’d we do it? By offering all the services you need to get qualified clicks and conversions. 

    This includes:

    • Building and executing strategies based on realistic goals and careful research
    • Creating eye-catching, high-converting ad copy for each keyword group
    • Designing custom landing pages that convert target clickers into customers
    • Setting up conversion and ROI tracking to ensure we’re getting the best results 
    • Experimenting with A/B tests to improve outcomes and maximize return on ad spend
    • Restructuring campaigns and build-outs to zone in on the highest-converting audiences
    • Managing all of your campaigns, including Amazon Ads, Google Shopping, Bing Ads, and Google Ads

    HawkSEM doesn’t just build PPC campaigns. We embark on a holistic execution that targets your audience throughout the customer journey. Many of our clients combine our B2B PPC services with SEO to dominate the search engine results pages (SERPs). 

    Ian Dawson, our SEM (search engine marketing) manager, says it best:

    “Brands that are in-market for an agency partner should look for exactly that: a partner. An agency partner will want to share successes and challenges equally. A brand should get clear and honest assessments from a prospective partner.”

    Businesses should also look for a B2B PPC company that works to become a thought leader in the digital marketing space, and an agency familiar with recent trends and industry shakeups. You know… like us. 

  2.  JumpFly

    jumpfly b2b homepage
    JumpFly is an agency that focuses on ads and the technical side of SEO (search engine optimization). It’s where you go when you have a website that needs a boost in traffic and Google rankings (or PPC results). 

    JumpFly’s services include:

    • Paid search and display
    • Paid social media
    • SEO strategy
    • Amazon ad management

    This agency doesn’t offer content marketing or other services that can boost your traffic and conversions (e.g., landing page design, web design, email marketing). However, it offers a free PPC audit, which you can use to detect issues within your campaigns. 

    JumpFly also has proprietary solutions that use machine learning and AI that sends alerts when it detects actionable trends. Plus, it can track calls, monitor performance, and offer dynamic reporting. 

  3.  WordStream

    wordstream b2b homepage
    Wordstream isn’t an agency per se, but it acts as a helpful resource for businesses that want to run successful PPC campaigns. It has a variety of free tools that educate business owners and marketers about pay-per-click and digital marketing. 

    Some of these tools include:

    • Google Ads grader: Analyzes the performance of your Google Ads campaigns, so you can detect things like wasted ad spend, click-through rates, and impression share
    • Facebook Ads grader: Audits your Facebook Ads campaigns and reveals mismatched campaign objectives/goals, ad sets to target, and how it compares to competitors
    • Keywords tool: Discovers new keywords and provides performance data to improve your website or Google Ads campaigns
    • Website grader (LocaIiQ): Shows what’s happening across platforms, including website performance, social media presence, and digital ad campaigns (e.g., site speed, ranking factors, and competitor metrics)

    LocaliQ is the owner of the Wordstream site and is a digital marketing agency.

  4.  Bruce Clay

    bruce clay b2b homepage
    Bruce Clay is a B2B PPC agency that offers a complete package of services to grow your online presence. It’s an option for B2B brands that want to save money by outsourcing tasks vs. hiring a full-time in-house team. 

    Bruce Clay’s been around since 1996, so they must be doing something right. It even offers a range of services, which include:

    • SEO
    • SEM/PPC management
    • Content development
    • Social media advertising

    Then for those who want to learn to do their own search engine optimization can take the agency’s online SEO course. 

    Some of the reasons you may opt to hire Bruce Clay:

    • It’s been in SEO/PPC business since 1996
    • The average staff experience is 10 years
    • Has offices around the globe, which likely means 24/7 support
  5.  Wpromote

    wpromote b2b homepage
    Wpromote doesn’t just focus on PPC or SEO. It offers a suite of services B2B brands can use to scale their business. Its services include a mix of paid media, earned and owned media, and digital intelligence. 

    Under its paid media umbrella, you’ll find services like:

    • Paid search: Creating and managing your Google Ads and other campaigns
    • Paid social: Managing your social media ad campaigns to drive more traffic and conversions
    • Amazon and retail media: Optimizing ads and product listings for Amazon search
    • Programmatic advertising: Building personalized campaigns across media formats, including display, video, audio, and streaming video

    Its other services encompass earned and unearned media platforms, such as SEO, content marketing, email marketing, and influencer marketing.

    This may be a good agency for you if you’re looking for a suite of services to manage your digital marketing strategy from end to end. Plus, it has offices across the U.S., which you can visit (in real life). 

  6.  Tinuiti

    tinuiti b2b homepage
    Tinuiti portrays itself as a brand performance agency that uses a mix of media to grow its client’s businesses. This includes using Google, Facebook, Amazon, as well as streaming TV and shoppable media. 

    If you have a B2B SaaS app to promote, you can use its mobile app marketing service. 

    Speaking of software, Tinuiti has its own proprietary technology called Mobius. It monitors various data points in your campaigns and unifies it so you get a clear picture of what’s happening across touchpoints (and then act on it).

    Tinuiti offers a range of services, including marketplace advertising, mobile app marketing, and affiliate marketing. 

    It’s also a renowned Amazon agency, so if you’re an FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) seller, then definitely check them out.

  7.  Power Digital

    power digital b2b ppc
    Power Digital is an agency that offers a range of digital marketing services. It’s a long list, so we won’t put them all (but you’ll get the gist): 

    • Pay-per-click advertising
    • Conversion rate optimization
    • Web design
    • Email marketing
    • Amazon
    • Social media
    • Content marketing
    • Partnerships
    • Digital creatives

    Its purpose is to provide brands with omnichannel support for all of their digital marketing campaigns. So if you have a SaaS tool for beauticians, you can use a mix of PPC ads and influencer marketing to get the word out. 

    It even has PR assistance, which is unique and useful for new businesses looking to build brand visibility and recognition. The agency has also worked with notable brands like Dropbox, P&G, Airbnb, and Peloton. 

  8.  Cleverly

    cleverly b2b homepage
    Cleverly isn’t your typical agency — it focuses primarily on generating leads through LinkedIn. This is useful for B2B companies, since this is a major channel for connecting with potential customers. 

    Its LinkedIn-based services include:

    • Lead generation
    • Paid ads
    • Recruiting

    But this isn’t all it can do. Cleverly also provides SEO content and Google Ads management.

    Cleverly’s made a name for itself in LinkedIn marketing, working with notable brands like Uber, PayPal, WeWork, and Lego. So if you’re looking for amazing results on this platform, then this is a promising partnership.

  9.  Impactable

    impactable b2b homepage
    The Impactable agency focuses on helping B2B companies grow leads and brand awareness on LinkedIn. 

    After getting its start on contract site Upwork, the team amassed tons of positive reviews and was able to take their business to the next level as a result. To date, Impactable has worked with over 1,500 businesses in dozens of countries. 

    Impactable offers LinkedIn paid ads, prospect outreach through building custom lists, targeted content and demand generation strategies, as well as data services like site visitor identification and activation.

  10.  Upgrow

    upgrow b2b ppc
    Upgrow leads with an impressive stat: they’ve generated more than 130,000 conversions for clients. That’s because they use hyper-targeted marketing tactics to pinpoint qualified leads who are ready to buy – no wasted clicks here. 

    As an agency specializing in lead generation, the Upgrow team focuses on all things digital marketing. Businesses can use these services to improve website performance, social media presence, and search engine visibility. 

    This is possible using services like: 

    • Web analytics
    • Web design
    • SEO
    • SEM/PPC
    • Social media marketing
    • Programmatic advertising

This agency goes beyond just building paid search campaigns — they also design and optimize your landing page for conversions via segmentation. Not only that, but they’ve garnered awards from the likes of Inc. Magazine and Expertise, and they’re a certified Facebook Blueprint and Google Partner.

The Takeaway

Your PPC strategies and campaigns are only as good as the agency you partner with. Choose wrong, and you could end up with a large bill for mediocre results.

The best way around this: Select the best PPC agency that specializes in the services you need (e.g., paid search ads, LinkedIn ads, etc.) and has experience in B2B marketing (in your industry).

If you’re looking for a holistic Google Ads agency that can provide custom landing pages, personalized ads, and digestable analytics, then reach out to HawkSEM today.

This article was originally published in December 2022

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Saphia Lanier

Saphia Lanier

Saphia Lanier is a content writer and strategist with 16+ years' experience working with B2B SaaS companies and marketing agencies. She uses an engaging journalistic style to craft thought leadership and educational content about digital marketing, technology, and entrepreneurship.