Choosy customers, cart abandonment, and low engagement can tank customer retention and bury your online store beneath competitors.

Ecommerce SEO keeps your brand relevant while connecting you with your target audience. Ready to supercharge your campaigns and unlock mega results? Partnering with a top-rated ecommerce SEO agency is how you do it.

We’re HawkSEM, a best-in-class digital marketing agency rolling out the red carpet for ecommerce brands. From keyword research to content marketing to custom reporting — and everything in between — we partner with you to drive incredible, tangible results.

Curious? So were our amazing clients, who saw an average 4.5x ROI from partnering with us. We leverage our cutting-edge proprietary tech, ConversionIQ™, alongside genius thinking and strategizing from our passionate team, to create bulletproof campaigns that sizzle with conversions, engagement, and revenue.

What Is an Ecommerce SEO Agency?

An ecommerce SEO agency is a team of digital marketing experts with proven success at harnessing SEO to make ecommerce businesses more visible online.

Agencies use data-driven insights to craft strategic campaigns and set measurable results, such as increasing search rankings, attracting more traffic to your online store, and raising conversion rates.

Not all strategies are created equally, and a qualified agency boasting great results will create a customized plan of action with search engine optimization efforts such as:

  • Building a content strategy
  • Creating organic content
  • Optimizing product descriptions and web copy
  • Technical SEO
  • SEO campaign management and monitoring
  • & more

Power Up Your Ecommerce SEO

You need a partner who can deliver results like these:

  • Increase conversions up to 7X (Direct TV)

  • 2x / 3x

    Double lead quality (Datadog) and nearly triple lead volume

  • 500%

    Increase revenue by more than 500% (686)

  • 30 Million

    Create campaigns that reach 30 million people

  • 50%

    Drove a 50% higher average order value (Thriftbooks)

  • 80%

    Increase month-over-month return on ad spend (ROAS) by 80% (Swimsuits Direct)

Results are everything

HawkSEM in 90 seconds

Why You Need Ecommerce SEO

Are you selling products online? You and everyone else, right? Fact is, ecommerce platforms can be a digital bloodbath with every brand clawing to be on the first page.

With all that competition, brands aren’t the only ones exhausted. How can you persuade decision-fatigued and competitor-swarmed online customers to buy your products?

Before you even get to the point of selling, you need to know who your target audience is if you want to maintain a customer retention rate past 28.2%.

Pair that with an average cart abandonment rate of nearly 70%? It’s no wonder ecommerce businesses struggle to see success.

A strong ecommerce SEO strategy features thought leadership content, technical SEO, and campaign management aligned with your target audience’s needs.

Let us help you with the complex SEO work required to boost sales, customer acquisition, retention, and brand awareness. After all, ecommerce SEO is our field of expertise.

Ecommerce SEO Experts You Can Trust

The ideal ecommerce SEO company offers devoted SEO experts with industry expertise in boosting SEO, organic search traffic, and online sales specifically for ecommerce businesses.

Here at HawkSEM, results are everything, and we draw upon years of experience and credentials to formulate results-driven strategies for ecommerce stores.

Our case studies speak to our caliber of niche-specific expertise, and Google’s Premier Partners network named us among the top 3% of marketing agencies in the country

Just ask our loyal clients. We helped 686 increase their conversion rate by over 186%, Nike double their conversion rate, and Grayson Living boost ecommerce sales by 279% within one year!

Want to see the same results for your ecommerce brand? Keep reading.

Our Proven Ecommerce SEO Process

How do we take our ecommerce clients from SEO slump to success? We use a strategic framework tailored to your specific audience, needs, and goals.

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. 1.Audit
  2. 2.Strategize
  3. 3.Build
  1. 4.Refine
  2. 5.Report
  3. 6.Thrive
  • 1. Audit

    Step one involves a thorough audit of your current SEO. We’ll look at your industry and unique selling propositions (USPs) to understand your niche and ecommerce business. Then, we’ll zoom in to assess:

    • Target keyword research and analysis
    • Competitive industry analysis
    • Current rankings
    • Algorithm impact
    • KPIs (key performance indicators) and metrics
    • Target audience research
    • EAT — Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness in your content
    • Product descriptions, landing pages and web pages
    • Social media marketing presence

    Our SEO audit gives us the lay of the land. From there, we build a laser-sharp strategy.

  • 2. Strategize

    Every ecommerce store has unique challenges and business goals. We’ll carefully consider yours, paired with our in-depth SEO audit, to create a custom SEO strategy for your online store.

    Every strategy is tailor-made to suit our clients’ needs and goals, and includes:

    • Keyword implementation
    • Website optimization
    • On-page and off-page
    • SEO Content topics and competitor gaps
    • Inbound marketing strategy
    • Conversion optimization

    We’ll work with you to set specific goals, and outline the most efficient and strategic route to achieve those goals.

  • 3. Build

    Time to bring your ecommerce store high-quality leads and positive brand awareness. By this point, we’ve got plenty of data to work with, so it’s time to put our custom SEO strategy into action. This process involves:

    • Content creation and development
    • A technical and on-page optimization revamp
    • Data collection and analysis on target audience demographics and interests
    • Conversion tracking setup
    • UX web optimization
  • 4. Refine

    Once your ecommerce SEO strategy is rolling, we’ll dive into performance. With the help of our innovative tech, ConversionIQ, we’ll have a detailed analysis of what’s working, where we need to pivot, and what we can improve upon. With those critical insights, we’ll fine tune the strategy to maximize results. Some changes might include:

    • Updating short- and long-tail keywords
    • Refreshing content
    • Updating and tweaking navigation, schema, and other web elements
    • Ranking for niche keywords
    • Improving web traffic
    • Optimizing conversions
  • 5. Report

    We’re not about to gatekeep on performance data and insights. Our SEO team values transparency and communication, and we demonstrate those values through a monthly reporting process that highlights the KPIs you deem most important.

    On top of that, our clients gain access to ConversionIQ at any time, so they can easily check on their progress with the click of a mouse.

  • 6. Thrive

    All of this groundwork and close monitoring unlocks the ultimate goal: maximum ROI, broadened customer base, and substantially increased traffic.

    We’ve partnered with ecommerce brands for decades, and we’re constantly fine-tuning and evolving our SEO strategy to maintain a competitive edge.

    Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on doubling down on what makes your business unique. Then, sit back and savor all those beautiful results.

Meet The Team

What Are Ecommerce SEO Services and Deliverables?

Ecommerce SEO is a vast landscape of on-page SEO best practices, user experience checklists, off-page SEO, and endless algorithm alignment with search engines.

Ultimately, each of these services are designed to drive results.

When you partner with an ecommerce SEO agency, look closely at their services to ensure you’ll receive a comprehensive strategy that circumvents any gaps that will require you to fill roles in-house or contract a freelancer.

Common SEO Services Include:

Site architecture analysis

Ever gone to a clothing store and felt overwhelmed with too much stuff? No categories, color coding, or size piles — chaos.

Your customers feel the same about disorganized ecommerce websites.

Ecommerce SEO includes a well-organized site architecture with clear categories and subcategories, along with subsequent category pages that separate products.

Search Engine Land recommends use cases for different products informed by your keyword research. Say you’re a local artisan with an ecommerce store selling hats and home décor. You might add a use case category for “best home decor gifts under $100.”

An ecommerce SEO agency will review your site architecture and help you reorganize it for easy navigation for your customers and Google’s crawlers.

  • Keyword Analysis & Recommendations

    Ecommerce keyword research aligns your marketing and product copy with what your potential customers are searching for online.

    You know your niche well and can brainstorm search terms related to your customers’ needs. But what keyword gaps can you fill from your competitors? How can you hyper-niche your keywords? How do you know if those keywords will attract the right shoppers?

    According to Shopify, ecommerce stores falling beyond the top three positions on page one of the search engine results pages (SERPs) lose out on 58% of organic traffic.

    That’s a tiny space that thousands of brands are vying for. Our SEO experts have the juice to analyze every single keyword on your roster and tell you its ROI. Then, we’ll use that analysis to give you the best keyword recommendations.

    ConversionIQ collects data for every keyword, including intent, performance, and difficulty. Armed with this information, we’ll help you revamp your list with only high-target-ROI keywords that bring in the right leads.

    ConversionIQ in Action

  • Ecommerce Link Building & Backlink Analysis

    Don’t have a strong backlink profile? You’re not the only one — link building isn’t easy for ecommerce businesses. After all, how do you get an industry colleague to link to a product that isn’t theirs?

    But Google regards backlinks as one of the most important ranking factors. Our team will help you assess your backlinks for quality, remove any irrelevant links, and strategize link building that helps you rank.

    We start by creating content for your ecommerce blog or website that’s packed with valuable insights, positioning you as an industry thought leader. Then, we’ll help you decipher which partners will bring you the most authority backlinks. Finally, we’ll ensure your internal linking is set up for success.

    Over time, your ecommerce site will shine with hyperlinks on multiple relevant sites, boosting your online visibility and brand awareness!

  • Content Analysis & Development

    Product pages can make or break your ecommerce store. We’ll optimize all titles and meta descriptions with strong, relevant keywords and engaging copy to convey value and articulate how your products solve your target audience’s pain points.

    An ecommerce SEO agency will look at your existing content across all channels, including your social media accounts, website, blog, and more, to ensure omnichannel cohesion and visibility.

    After that? We’ll roll out a carefully tailored, quality content plan implementing short- and long-tail keywords. With the right SEO outlines and efficient SEO practices, content creation reaches more people.

  • Algorithm Impact Analysis & Resolution

    Achieving desirable search engine rankings is no easy task. Your online business could have consistent traffic and sales, but a random SEO faux pas could leave you on page three, which is just as bad as falling on page 10 or 20.

    But how do you know about those faux-pas when Google releases algorithm updates every few months? When you’re spread thin, it’s easy to miss a few, but it’s an ecommerce SEO agency’s job to keep an eye on these updates to ensure no stone is left unturned.

    We do the heavy lifting by analyzing your ecommerce website content against Google’s algorithm updates, and resolving any issues that arise.

  • User Experience & Navigation Analysis

    User experience involves more than categories and taxonomy. Most ecommerce SEO agencies use a few different tools to assess user experience, from heat maps and user session replays to user testing and funnel analytics.

    You’ll want to look for ways to improve the user experience, and that involves analyzing these details:

    • Keyword implementation
    • Website optimization
    • On-page and off-page SEO
    • Content topics and competitor gaps
    • Inbound marketing strategy
    • Conversion optimization

Ecommerce SEO vs. PPC

As a full-suite digital marketing agency, we offer comprehensive search engine marketing services, which includes SEO and PPC (Bing and Google Ads). Maybe you already have an advertising strategy that’s working, but your SEO is lacking. Sound familiar?

Many of our clients ask us the main difference between the two and why ecommerce SEO benefits online stores.

We believe the best strategy comprises both, but if you prefer to prioritize one, here’s a quick comparison between SEO and PPC:

Most Affordable: SEO

Google Ads and other PPC strategies demand a hefty marketing budget every week. It’s called pay-per-click for a reason; you’ll pay for every click to every ad you publish. Ecommerce businesses should carefully weigh bid adjustments and cost-per-click (CPC) when using PPC.

SEO requires a long-term investment, but it may be more manageable for smaller or scaling budgets as you’re not paying for clicks. Instead, you’re paying for a digital marketing strategy and ongoing optimization.

Fastest Results: PPC

The top of Google’s SERPs brings you the quickest traffic. That’s why PPC ads are so fast. Plus, you’ll start seeing results once you set up your bidding strategy and start paying for keywords.

SEO is a slow burn, with results generated after about 3-6 months. But even ad experts see SEO as the highest ROI of all marketing tactics.

Most Qualified Leads: SEO

Paying per click doesn’t automatically mean those clicks lead to conversions. You’re going to get some unqualified leads and window shoppers. While a targeted marketing campaign can save you from hemorrhaging ad spend, some unripe fruit will slip through.

Conversely, SEO brings you the most qualified leads because you’ve optimized your content and web presence to attract those specific leads. These potential customers are likely to be more aligned with your brand and products, resulting in more brand loyalty and repeat customers.

Ecommerce SEO Agency Pricing: What to Expect

An ecommerce store could have an average order value (AOV) of $50, $100, or $1,000 — every store is unique. Similarly, you’ll notice variations in ecommerce SEO agency pricing depending on your products, goals, and the level of strategy needed to align with search engine algorithms.

It helps to have an idea of the various pricing models so you can see which one fits your budget.


The more experience an ecommerce SEO agency has, the more they’ll charge per hour. Ahrefs found that most SEO agencies charge under $150/hour. Hourly pricing might feel like the standard at first, but SEO takes time, and you may want to pay for results instead.

Per-project Fee

Ecommerce SEO agencies can charge anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000+ per month depending on your goals, which can likely be more than both SEO consultants and freelancers. However, agencies are equipped with multiple SEO experts on their staff, higher capacity to meet your goals, and support to monitor and make strides. Our full-suite ecommerce marketing agency features PPC and SEO experts for maximized impact.

Monthly Retainer

Nearly half of SEO providers charge flat-rates for projects. With this model, you’re paying for the outcome of results. Most SEO providers charge between $2,500- $5,000, with the most experienced agencies charging upward of $10,000 per project.

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The Bottom Line

There are over nine million ecommerce retailers, making it one of the harshest digital landscapes to succeed in. But just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

You’ve worked hard to put your ecommerce brand on the map. Whether you’re not seeing the results you need to thrive, or you’re a new brand looking to stake your claim in the industry, a trusted ecommerce SEO agency will catapult your efforts.

If you want to dominate your niche in 2023, you’ll need pros in your corner. HawkSEM’s SEO experts are fired up and ready to unleash your store’s full potential. Put your trust in us, and we’ll add you to the broad pool of success stories experiencing massive ROI. First step? A detailed, custom proposal designed with your needs and goals in mind. Get started today!

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  • Dramatically improve ROI
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  • Better track ROI
  • Reduce cost per acquisition
  • Improve lead quality