Websites are today’s digital storefronts. And your blog — a resource of your industry knowledge and expertise. Together, they build trust that you’re an expert in your field and worth buying from.

But none of this works if you’re not pulling the right traffic to your site.

This begins with an inbound marketing strategy designed to meet your business’s unique goals. To do this, you need a strategist that understands your audience and how your product or service benefits them.

But what’s in a strategy if you can’t execute it properly? You need a team of content writers to be your brand’s messenger.

At HawkSEM, we offer a complete inbound marketing solution that includes strategy, execution, and monitoring. We help businesses large and small generate not just any traffic — but quality traffic that turn into leads and conversions.

If you’re committed to seeing your business’s growth, then we can help you get there. Let’s talk inbound in a free consultation.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a strategy businesses use to attract and convert visitors from online channels, like search engines, social media, podcasts, email campaigns, and blogs. It involves creating relevant content for your audience, planning and executing content promotion strategies, and measuring the results to determine if it’s effective. If it isn’t, then conversion optimization is necessary to improve results.

Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a strategy that drives visitors to your site using relevant content they’re actively searching for. Outbound marketing uses methods to place your message in front of your audience before they know they need your product or service.

For example, an inbound methodology may use blog posts to attract visitors actively searching for a solution to a problem you can resolve. Outbound campaigns, on the other hand, use channels like pay-per-click (PPC) ads to place brand messages in front of an audience that isn’t actively looking for your product or service.

Inbound marketing is ideal for businesses that desire a long-term lead generation strategy that works for years. It’s an investment that keeps on giving, unlike outbound, which requires you to pay for clicks or impressions. Once your budget goes away, so do your ads. Inbound strategies drive traffic for as long as you keep your content published and up-to-date.

So in a sense, inbound marketing is the sales team that works for you 24/7.

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What Do Inbound Marketing Services Include?

Inbound marketing services include various tactics that are implemented by a cohesive, well-thought-out strategy. Here’s a look at the services we offer at HawkSEM:

  • Content Strategy Development

    Our content strategy is holistic, which means we use multiple channels and methods to drive interest and consideration in your brand. But we don’t just build marketing plans — we test them. We’re consistently monitoring results to see what works and shifting strategies to maximize ROI.

  • Marketing Automation

    Not all tactics require manual effort. You can build email and social media campaigns that are automated. For instance, spending a week writing two months worth of content and then scheduling them to publish via tools like Sprout Social. An agency can set this up for you, so you can spend more time on business matters.

  • Custom Landing Pages

    When a visitor enters your site from a search engine, social media post, or paid ad, you have a few seconds to grab their attention. And a few scrolls to make them stay. Our marketing experts build a landing page from scratch, ensuring the design is captivating and the copy speaks to your audience’s desires.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Getting your website and its content ranked in Google — we can do that. But we won’t just select the easiest keywords because they’ll rank fast. We’re selective about which terms to target based on the audience searching for them and their intent. If it doesn’t align with your business objectives, then it doesn’t make the cut.

  • Social Media Marketing

    If your audience hangs out on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or another social platform, we’ll design a plan and content to reach them. The goal is always the same: increase brand awareness, drive engagement, and build relationships. But most importantly — generate quality leads.

  • Content Creation

    Blog posts. Web copy. Video scripts. If your audience consumes it, we’ll create it. Not just for the sake of ranking it, but to pull in visitors and answer their most pressing questions. Because we know if we can earn their trust, we can earn their business using quality content.

  • Email Marketing

    Some visitors want more engagement with your brand before making a purchase. So they’ll sign up for your newsletter or email campaign. This opens another channel to build trust, increase interest, and eventually turn leads into customers.

  • Analytics

    In marketing, your tools are everything — it tells you what’s working and who to target to keep your campaigns performing well. HawkSEM uses proprietary software, ConversionIQ, to track qualified leads and the keywords they use to guide our optimization efforts.

Inbound marketing is all about bringing quality leads to your virtual doorstep. Few agencies do this as well as HawkSEM, so reach out to our marketing team today to learn how we can grow your business.

How Can Inbound Marketing Services Benefit Your Business?

Every business purchase should yield a return on investment. And one expense your business can’t afford to skip is for inbound marketing services.

If you don’t already know this, surely your competitors do. Based on research from HubSpot, 36% of businesses invest in website and blog content, with nearly half using blog content the most to drive leads.

One reason for this: top sources of website traffic come from direct access (22%) and organic search (27%). So not investing in the content visitors see when they arrive on your site will reduce your chances of conversions.

Roughly 80% of B2B companies and 71% of B2C companies use content marketing to generate leads. And with over half of content marketing budgets increasing last year, it seems to be working.

In fact, the majority (80%) of businesses say their content marketing strategy is successful. And guess what most strategies include? Owned media.

Seventy-seven percent of content is published on company assets, such as websites, blogs, social media accounts, and emails.

But attempting to go it on your own doesn’t guarantee these results. This is why two out of five companies can’t show ROI in concrete numbers. In most cases, this is because they don’t have the expertise, strategies, and tools to track their efforts.Or they’re tracking the wrong metrics (e.g., vanity numbers like traffic and social shares)

At HawkSEM, we don’t just make promises — we have the track record to back them. On average, our clients see a 4.5x increase in ROI when working with us.

We’re also helping companies large and small to:

If the proof’s in the pudding…we have plenty of it. See more case studies and testimonials here.

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How to Know It’s Time to Use Inbound Marketing Services

Do-it-yourself inbound marketing campaigns can work. However, not every business has the funds to hire a full-time in-house team. And those that do can’t guarantee their team can generate the desired results.

This is where using inbound marketing services makes sense.

It gives you access to a team of seasoned marketers and content creators who build and execute winning strategies every day. In other words, your odds of success increase exponentially.

You may also see other signs it’s time to bring aboard an inbound marketing agency, like:

  • 01

    Stagnant Website Traffic

    No one wants to see their website’s hard-won traffic flatline. If you can’t seem to move the needle with your current marketing efforts, it may be time to inject some fresh ideas into the mix.

  • 02

    Missed Growth Goals

    Having goals is great, but they don’t account for much if you’re not hitting them. It may be time to switch gears or reassess your targets and the best way to reach them.

  • 03

    Poor Lead Quality

    Or maybe you’re getting leads, but not the “tire-kicking” kind. If so, you’re wasting resources on the wrong strategies.

  • 04

    Declining Leads

    A single good lead can be worth its weight in gold. If you haven’t been able to generate any new leads in a while, inbound marketing services may be the solution.

  • 05

    Lack of Brand Awareness

    Sharing your content on social media. Publishing blog post after blog post. Posting videos on Youtube. These are all great for building visibility, but not without a master plan to connect them to business results.

  • 06

    Low (To No) ROI

    Throw all the money you want into your inbound marketing efforts. Budget alone won’t solve your ROI problems. If you see no returns, then it’s your efforts that require an adjustment — not your budget.

Inbound marketing services can be awesome for business outcomes. But you can’t just hire any digital marketing agency — you need one that’s right for your business. HawkSEM works with companies of all sizes and across various industries, giving us the broad knowledge necessary to build your next campaign.

What Strategies Do Inbound Marketing Agencies Use?

Getting your target audience to see you is the first step in the inbound marketing process. The next is getting them to take the leap to visit your website.

Here are several inbound marketing strategies we use:

  • Audience Research

    Every inbound marketing strategy should begin with audience research. There are several ways agencies do this, including interviews and surveys. This removes the guesswork by using actual thoughts and words from real customers vs. building fictional buyer personas for “Salesy Sally” and “Marketing Moe” stereotypes.

  • Website Design and Optimization

    Once we know your customers, it’s easier to create an appealing web design and copy that speaks directly to them. You can use terms and themes that sprung up in the interviews directly in your copy. For example, describing pain points using their words makes it resonate better.

  • Content Marketing

    With the information gathered from audience research, we can better decide which topics and channels to use for your content. This includes writing blog posts to build authority and thought leadership, recording podcasts to build an audience, and hosting webinars to grow communities.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Being wherever your audience spends time is a must in digital marketing. Based on audience research, you can learn which social channels to target, so you don’t waste time on the wrong platforms. Then use them to market your content, and offerings, or even start and join conversations.

  • Email Marketing

    When potential customers come to your site, they may not be ready to buy. By converting them into email subscribers, you can nurture the relationship, build trust, and eventually earn their business. But it requires sending the right mix of value and promotions to make that happen. Come off too salesy too often and your unsubscribe rate will skyrocket.

At HawkSEM, we don’t just implement tactics — we take a holistic approach to inbound marketing. This means analyzing your website for improvements, understanding your buyer personas, and tying together touch points so visitors have a seamless buyer’s journey.

Agency Pricing Models: What to Expect

The cost of inbound marketing services depends on where you go. But be careful — pay too low and you may just get what you pay for. However, this doesn’t mean you have to overpay to generate results. It’s not the budget that dictates the quality of your results — it’s their expertise and past successes.

As you search for an agency, you’ll find many that offer monthly prices. According to Impact, inbound marketing service providers charge between $10,000 and $20,000 per month (sometimes more).

And this includes a variety of services, including a marketing strategy, content planning, content creation, and analytics. How much the agency does and whether they’re hands-on will determine the cost.

Whichever agency you choose, prepare to spend money with the agency for at least six months to a year. Inbound marketing is an ongoing effort that requires consistency and time to see results.

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The Bottom Line

There’s nothing like getting qualified leads knocking on your virtual door for business. With inbound marketing, you can generate digital foot traffic to your website from leads most likely to convert.

However, this requires a strategy that’s proven to work and a team that’s dedicated to your success.

At HawkSEM, you get that and more.

When you partner with us, we guarantee to do everything possible to generate the results your business needs for growth.

So if you’d like to 4.5x your ROI, then contact us today.

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